Which player will be the greatest in the English Premier League in 2022? It's a challenging topic to respond to each year. Is a striker who can score goals better than a defensive player who can stop goals? Do midfield distributors make a bigger difference than goalkeepers who block shots? Fortunately for us, the English top division is perhaps the finest arena on earth for the best players in the world to demonstrate their abilities. Currently, which Premier League players stand out as the best? Who is now ruling the English Premier League?

Erling Haaland is the apparent choice to challenge the big boys at the top following a fresh entrance of transfer as in august of2022, which has expanded the pool of choices. Harry Kane & Ronaldo have both displayed remarkable consistency while playing for Tottenham, while Mohamed Salah just won't give up.

Focusing on a number of criteria, we set out to compile a list of the top Premier League players in every position. While attempting to avoid being persuaded by momentary dips and spurts of ability, we have considered previous accomplishments as well as the overall quality of this season's results.

Kevin De Bruyne

De Bruyne is capable of filling in considerably higher up the pitch, moving forward, sitting deeper, drifting out wide, or remaining in the middle of the field. His passing range is confusing to both players and spectators. He sees 20:20 in a symbolic sense. His long-distance drives are lethal. He consistently makes the finest crosses in Premier League history.

One part of De Bruyne's game that is sometimes underestimated is his strength. He is swift and powerful. The best midfielder in the world is De Bruyne. KDB is our Premier League champion despite his injury-plagued history.

Erling Haaland

Despite not having yet played for the Citizens, the Norwegian has a lucrative deal with the English Premier League. Haaland is a 6'4" physical force who is poised to become a legendary Premier League player. He seems to have adapted to the Premier League like a duck does to water, and considering his attachment for Manchester City, he may be well-positioned for the next ten years or more in the North West.

Haaland moves at a remarkable rate for a guy of his size, and his strength is almost unmatched. Haaland may move much higher on this list once he starts going to the absolute top.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane is still regarded as among the top footballers in the Premier League as well as worldwide. You are aware that we are correct. The Spurs player has scored an incredible 186 scores in 286 Premier League contests and still stands a pretty good chance of surpassing Alan Shearer's legendary 260 mark. While last year wasn't his finest season, it was likely the only occasion since, well, when he first started, that he had a genuinely poor run of form. With his excellent ball playing abilities behind the frontline, Kane continues to be a deadly talisman.

Mohamed Salah

Every defense may be made useless by Salah's cutting runs. The productivity of both assists and goals in 2021–2022 is unparalleled due to his speed, abrupt changes in movement, and position, which have caused many great full-backs nightmares.

The top four on this ranking seem to be quite replaceable, although Salah is fined for being too picky and loses one or two points. Although it would be unfair to call his style "one-dimensional," he might not have the same breadth of abilities as those in the positions above him. He could be the player with the biggest impact, though.

Bruno Guimaraes

The Newcastle supporters fell in love with the Brazilian after only a short period of time, and their feelings were quickly returned. When Bruno initially joined Newcastle in early January, it seemed as if he was too excellent for the club, but that doesn't appear to be the case these days, and at most the performance gap has drastically shrunk, not due to the midfielder's poor form, but rather because he's gradually bringing the club up to his standard.

He appears to spend a great deal of time on the ball, which is usually an indication of a highly competent player, and he hardly ever gives the ball away despite his willingness to be progressive whenever feasible.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano would have been at the top of this ranking without a doubt in earlier years. We are observing Cristiano in his last phase and at the absolute end of his maturation. This is still an excellent version.

He only understands how to access the net. He poses a threat both on land and in the air. This post is not the place for discussions about how well he fits into Manchester United's lineup and playing style. There aren't many players you'd prefer to have pull on your jersey as a solo player.

Bruno Fernandes

While everyone knows how excellent Fernandes can be over extended periods of time during the league, but if this ranking were solely on 2022–2022, he would not be on it. Did Ronaldo's debut make him feel troubled? Others might not have been able to use his ammo, but they haven't yet. It's not up to us to express anything here. It is undeniable that Bruno is the driving force behind any successful Manchester United squad. Threatening from a distance, within the box, scoring goals, setting up goals, the whole nine yards.

Joao Cancelo

Joao Cancelo upped his skills to an entirely new level, making him perhaps the alternate player of the season for the entire Premier League in 2021–2022.

His description as a top-tier full-back would indeed be unfair. He is considerably more than just a right or left back. If we lived across the Atlantic, he would essentially be a quarter-back. Cancelo is in charge at the back, although his roving forays forward are frequently successful. Give him even a small amount of room on the edge of the final third, and he will be able to view, choose, and execute the ideal pass.

Son Heung-min

Son feels terribly unappreciated on the global stage. He has been a steady, growing force for the Spurs, but he seldom ever draws much notice away from the field. Despite a rough start to the season, he is still a fantastic player with a smile that makes you remember why people play the game in the first place.

Virgil van Dijk

Yes, we are well aware that mixing defenders and attackers onto one list is arbitrary, but Van Dijk needs to get a spot on it. The Reds' defensive line is not doing well, but Van Dijk can be utterly impenetrable when he is in top form. He is the model for a contemporary defender because he is as at ease rolling the ball forward with his teammates as he is standing back and stopping attacks.