Best Reddit SoccerStreams Alternatives ?


Since the famous SoccerStreams reddit sub /r/soccerstreams was taken down fans have been enjoying live streaming links of their favourite sport on website. But that site put up a notice recently suggesting they wont be providing any live links. However their are several backups or alternatives available for soccerstreams website and we take a look at what is available for users at the moment.


This one is the original backup to the /r/soccerstreams reddit sub which was banned couple of years ago. On this website you will find around 60+ working links for most of the football matches. Only issue is they dont have links for other sports. But as far as football is concerned, you wont find better links at any other website.


Another identical twin of the original site with all those famous streamers who post their links in this platform. From givemereddit to weakspells, 1ststream to Bongstreams all the best streamers are ranked higher which means user can find the best possible working links efficiently. Links are also labled with name of the channel, language and number of ads which comes handy when for big games streams are being taken down often.

There are several other website pretending to be the original ones but they are not. They are marely copies of the original and do not have the best streamers. Which means if you are looking for live links for a cetain game on these copy cat websites you will be bombarded with so many ads and not the best streams. 


How can i watch live streams at Reddit SoccerStreams ?


So the two website we listed here and both follow the same pattern. They do not post any live streams on their website. Instead they work as live streaming links aggregator where streamers themselves post their stream links in the portal. 

The system then collect and publish all stream links of a certain match in a match thread which is opened 1 hour before the kickoff. Now since each streamer is ranked, you will find ranking pretty similar on all matches. The best streamers with highest votes are listed higher to ensure user get to best possible working streams as soon as possible.

How does it work ?

So the idea is simple. Every match has its own links thread. Which is available at homepage and also in the league page of that match. 

  • 1.) Visit the homepage of either or
  • 2). scroll down the page and you will find upcoming matche on the day. Matches are seperated by league and competitions.
  • 3). Once you find the match you want to see, click on the live stream button listed next to that match. It will take you to the dedicated page for that match.
  • 4). Once you are on the dedicated links thread page of the match, scroll down and click on the link which suits your needs. For example if you want to watch it in english commentary look for a link which is labled with english channel name.