Best websites to watch football live streams online ?


Football industry and its financial situation has changed dramatically over the last 20 years with massive money is poured into the game on almost every level. Mainly the broadcasting tv rights deal for major football competitions have broken all kinds of previous financial deals. As the things stand, Premier League broadcasting rights are sold in over 120 territories around the world but as the rights money increased it also came at a price for average football fan who has to fork out big on subscription fee.

That is why some of the fans who can not afford to buy official subscriptions for premier league or other sports competitions, turn to internet in search of free live streams for their favourite sports and teams. Today we take a look at 10 of the best free live streaming sites active today.

Best Sports Streaming Websites In the World ?

As the title suggest we are going to rank top 10 best free live streaming links. We have designed a criteria according to which it helped us rank the sites from user experiene, quality of streams, ease of use and number of ads. According to these factors these are the best streaming sites in the world at the moment.


1). SoccerStreams


Started by the original owners of /r/soccerstreams reddit sub. become go to point for most of the football fans who were watching live streams on that famous reddit sub. Since it was banned traffic moved to soccerstream website which still uses the same system of putting links. Streamers themselves post links in the portal and according to their reputation they are ranked accordingly.


1). HesGoal


One of the most used sites for free streams in the UK and Europe, Hesgoal has been around for over a decade. However in 2022 they stopped showing premier league matches and just before the start of world cup site was closed down by authorities. What a shame. End of an era. However they cameback with similar domain which can provide the same streams just in different way. You see before hesgoal was taken down they user to host streams themselves and every match had 1 stream. However to avoid another closure they decided to make it more like ling aggregator which collects the best streaming links for every match and put them together in a thread.


3). CrackStreams


This one is more famous in the USA because of their priority streams in NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB etc. The are very good in proving best links for big boxing fights and UFC fights. However over the last month or two they decided to venture into football as well and now they are posting links for almost all big football games. From Premier League to Europa League. Manchester United to some obscure league in Europe. They have links for all matches. 


4). Rojadirecta 


This use to be a spanish site with multiple links provided for each game. But the quality of streams were so low and many ads. So either someone else started a site with same name or they finally decided to make a proper website. Now they have multiple working and high quality links on their sites.


5). Sports808


This website is not as old as the others listed above. However it gain quite some reputation in last two years and just before the world cup it was taken down. However immedialy after the closer the site cameback on another domain and its working perfectly fine as we speak.




This is dedicated website for NFL matches. It is one of the most popular sports streaming site in the USA during the NFL regular season with over 25 million views each month. Simply put, you wont find better live streams for NFL games anywhere else. Enough said!


7). Footybite


One of the oldest site providing live links and they actually started this who system of putting together number of links for a single match. Other big sites later adopted and perfected the system as footybite became thing of the past. It still relavent amont people who use to watch matches on it but its not growing and improving its user base.