Most Watched Football Leagues On Free Streaming Sites


We often read quality write ups on which league is the most popular, which has the biggest broadcasting deal and which league is most watched in general. Numbers behind those articles comes from official source from TV viewership numbers and financial contracts etc. However we dig deep and put together a list of our own about the most watched football league/competition across free streaming sites. We took into account data from 3 of the biggest streaming sites like soccerstreams, hesgoal and crackstream and it shows some interesting numbers.

Premier Leauge is the most watch football league on free streaming sites:

Without much of a surprise Premier League is head and shoulders above the rest of top 5 european leagues in terms of how many views its matches generate on streaming sites. The difference however is surprising with premier league generating more then what other top four leagues views combined. Which is incredible to say the least.

In a normal weekend where we dont have any top 6 playing each other in premier league, all three big sites generate average of 1 million in traffic. While other top four leagues do around 600k unless Barcelona is playing Real Madrid. 

As far as the popular teams go, Manchester United are in the league of their own when it comes to their views on matches. They generate on average 300k views per match. When they play another big team it can even reach 600k to 1 million depending on who are they playing. No other team can match the numbers of United not even Real Madrid and Barcelona combined. 

Which is the most watched competition in Football on streaming sites ?

Recently concoluded FIFA World Cup is the most watched sports competition overall on sports streaming sites. However it comes after every four years and last just for a month. But if you compare the numbers of World Cup with UEFA Champions League they are pretty similar. Infact Champions Leauge blow away World Cup if we compare knockouts of Champions League vs knockouts of World Cup. However since world cup is wrapped up in just under a month the traffic frequency is much sharper and steep for world cup.

Premier League 1 million Manchester United (300k per match)
Champions League 800k per match day in group stage. 1 million+ in knockout match day. Real Madrid and Manchester United (if they qualify)
FIFA World Cup 20 million traffic in a month Brazil and Argentina
UEFA Euro 15 million traffic in a month England and France
Spanish La Liga 500k views per week. Real Madrid and Barcelona both generate 200k views per match
French Ligue 1 300k views per week PSG produce the majority of views.
Italian Serie A 250k views per week Juventus and Inter Milan
German Bundesliga 150k views per week Bayern Munich produce majority of views