Players With Biggest Salary Contracts In Football Currently Active


As Messi wins 2022 FIFA World Cup his arch rival both on and off the field, Cristiano Ronaldo was unveiled as Al-Nassar player in Saudi Arabia. The tail end of their careers could not be any different when one was moaning about United and everything else in front of Pierce Morgan, Messi was inspiring his national team to win the world cup. Ronaldo's move to Saudi Arabia is massivly influenced by Money and alot of it at that. Around $200 million a year contract for two years where Ronaldo's basic salary will only be $75 million and the rest will go towards Ronaldo being ambassador for Saudi Arabia bid to host 2030 FIFA World Cup.

So now we know that Ronaldo's latest contract with Saudi team is the biggest in football but what other players currently active have bigger contracts ?

Cristiano Ronaldo - $200 million a year

Ronaldo's contract include guaranteed $75 million a year plus another $125 million a year to be Saudi Arab's amabassodor in their bid to land 2030 FIFA World Cup. This contract is unique but the biggest any footballer in history have signed. Interestinly Ronaldo's long term agend and friend Jorge Mendes was not invloved in the contract negotiations as things stands they dont see eye to eye. 

Couple of teams from MLS were also interested in signing Ronaldo but they failed to match what Saudi's had to offer. Which goes to show this might not be the last big contract Ronaldo signs. He might getting another move in couple of years to either USA or some less competitive country.

Kylian Mbappe - $100 million a year

Now this one is absolute astonishing contract offered by PSG to Kylian Mbappe to fend off interest from Real Madrid back in 2022. Mbappe was very close to signing for Real Madrid but in the last moments he made a u-turn and signed contract extensive till 2025 but with massive pay rise. His current deal include 90 million euro a year salary plus some sort of control over the team and managment. Making him the most important player at the club.

Lionel Messi - $45 million a year

Another player on PSG ranks, Messi earns massive $45 million a year from PSG with his current deal which runs out at the end of this season. He is already in talks for extension which might keep him at PSG for another couple of years. If not he might be following Ronaldo's footsteps and sign for a team in MLS or even Saudi Arabia for salary similar to what was offered to Ronaldo.

Neymar - $45 million a year

Neymar's current contract with PSG lasts till the end of 2024/25 season and he is currently on a massive $45 million a year salary. Neymar might not see off this contract if he get a move to another Europen club which might be his last big move in Europe. After that there will be one big contract most probably in the MLS considering he loves traveling to the US evertime he get the chance. 

Muhammad Salah - $35 million a year

Salah's recent contract extension with Liverpool was a gigantic one for the Egyptian where he will be earning around $35 million a year. The contract talks were stalled for so long and Salah tried to force Liverpool hand by getting linked to some other European clubs but in the end Liverpool paved in and handed him the biggest contract in Liverpool's history. Now with Ronaldo gone from United, Salah is the highest paid player in Premier League.

Erling Haaland - $35 million a year

Many wonder how City managed to sign Haaland for just $60 million in transfer fee. Well the paid the around $60m release clause to Dormund  while offered massive $30 million to Haaland and his family as signing on bonus. They also made him one of the highest paid player in Premier Leauge and rightly so considering the guy has already scored 21 goals in Premier League and season is not even into half way through.

1 Cristiano Ronaldo $200 million
2 Kylian Mbappe $100 million 
3 Lionel Messi $55 million
4 Neymar $45 million
5 Muhammad Salah $35 million
6 Erling Haaland $35 million
7 Robert Lewandowski $27 million
8 Eden Hazard $27 million
9 Andrés Iniesta $35 million